Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Romanism VS Scripture

 Romanism (R) /Babylonian Concepts   
PtVSScripture (S) 
1R Venerates Sunday Worship
SHonours the Sabbath (Ex 20:8 - 11)
2RVenerates traditional holidays. 
(Christmas, New Years, Good Friday, Easter etc)
This promotes the Great Deception: Rv 12:9
SHonours God's Holy Days (Lv 23, Num 28, 29, Neh 8
see PS 81:3 -5 -- note that this is addressed
to Joseph not Judah (Gen 48)
3RVenerates Solar based Gregorian Calendar -- Jan to Dec ; dead of Winter
SVenerates Lunar based Hebrew calendar 
Spring to Spring (Ex 12:1-2, Ps 104:19 
Moon appointed for seasons
4RSuperficial understanding of scripture; pick and choose what suits you;
For comfort (II Tim 3:5  
``Form of piety / godliness but denying the power thereof``)
SDeep understanding; all scripture is to be applied 
II Tim 3:15 - 16; Also our sacrifice "must be perfect
(Deut 17:1)
5RHeaven: Reward of the "saved" immediately after death
SThe "saved" await the ressurrection (Job 14:14-15,
Jn 5:28 - 29, Rv 20:5 -6); 
Earth is promised
Ps 37:9 - 11, Mt 5:3 - 12
See article: ``Where Will The Righteous Be?``
6RBaptism by sprinkling and is generally done during infancy
SBy Immersion and you must repent first  
Acts 2:3, Rm 6:1-4
7RMust be saved in this age 
But what about those who have died tragically?
Floods (Noah`s for ex), isolation, children, handicapped etc
not having known Jesus Christ.
SMany will come to Christ after his return (Rv 20:11-15, Is 6, Mt 10:15 etc 
Judgement = Decision (Heb 9:27)
(see article "Points to Consider)
8RThose who are 'condemned' suffer for eternity in an 'ever-burning Hell'
SIn general hell (sheol in Heb & hades in Gr) means grave. 
Those who choose to remain sinful will die the 2nd death 
and be as ashes under the feet of the righteous
Ezek 18:4, Rv 20:15, Mal 4:1)
9RVeneration of objects (crosses etc), people (Virgin Mary, saints etc)
and places (shrines, churches etc)
Also known as Icons
SGod is to be worshipped in sprit and in truth (Jn 4:24)
10RFormal worship and buildings (mass, liturgy, ceremony etc)
{superficial social clubs}
S(see prev point)
Many examples in the Gospels and the Book of Acts
of informal worship, often interacting 1 on 1 
Philip and the Eunuch - Acts 8)
{focus is on building relationships}
11RHuman interession required: confession baptism.
Priest has the authority to forgive in place of Christ.
SJesus Christ is our one and only intercessor (I Jn 2:1) ; only he can forgive
(Mrk 2:7-10) yet he does use human instruments.
12RSelf-denial of God-given pleasures
(celebacy, monasteries, lent, vows of poverty etc)
i.e. Complete denial on one extreme to a Hedonistic approach on the other
(everything according to one`s desire
with no regard to the effect on youself or others.)
SSee Col 2:20 - 23, I Cor 8:8-9, 9:27, 10:23-24, Rm 14:5, 19-23, Eph 2:29
Lead a balanced temperate life and be responsible that 
nothing you say or do offends another
13RPrayers to and asking for intercession from others instead of Jesus Christ
(Virgin Mary, Saints) see pt # 11
SThese are dead and are awaiting the ressurrection (Rv 20:5-6, 11, Mt 5:28-29)
see pt # 5
14RAttributes of ``Jesus Christ`` are identical to those of Mithra
the Persian sun god.
A Roman cult of which the Emperor Constantine was a follower.
SWe need to worship the real Jesus as we find in scripture in both the old
and new testaments (see Mt 24:23-26) 
15RSalvation is earned by works
SSalvation is a gift of God (Rm 6:23)
16RThe Church is involved with the politics of this world.
"Civic  Duty" to vote. Lobbying (Moral Majority).
Many "laws of the land" based on the religion of the people.
SRv 18:4, Heb 11:13-14, 10:34.
We are ambassadors (II Cor 5:20, I Kng 18:21, 19:18)
No involment with this word's affairs.
Cannot have both.
I Jn 2:15-17 "Love not this world"