Sunday, April 17, 2011

Herons, Peacocks, Ostriches and Storks


Heron: 601 (Lev 11: 19, Deut 14:18 coupled with Stork) "'anaphah" an unclean bird perh. a parrot
Peacock(s): 8500 (1 Kng10:22, 2 Chr 9:21) "tukkiy"/"tuwkkiy" some imported creature. Translated as "Baboon" in the interlinear. Both vs also refer to "apes" {6971:gowph or goph - a monkey or ape. Therfore peacock makes more sense.
                   7443 (Job 39:13) "renen" an ostrich (from its wail)

Ostrich(es): 2624 (Job 39:13) see Stork
                  3283 (Lam 4:3) "ya'en" the ostrich (from its anwering cry)

Stork:         2624 (5 vs) "chaciyddah" the kind (maternal) bird.

Job 39:13: KJV = "Gavest thou goodly wings unto the peacocks or wings and feathers unto the ostrich?"
                 I/L  (NIV)  = "Wing of ostrich flaps joyfully not as stork's feathers"