Friday, April 15, 2011

The “Insabbati” Message:

      A)   Come out of her my people that you do not participate in her sins and recieve her plagues  (Rev 18:4)
B)   Be as the five wise virgins not as the foolish and be sure that your ‘lamp’ is filled with ‘olive oil’ (Mt 25:1-10)
C)   I am returning soon and my reward is with me (John 4:1-4 & Rev 22)
D)  Heed every word that I have spoken through all of my prophets in the Old & New Testaments & in the Latter Days (Deut 27:9, 28:1-2, 58)
E)  In ESSENTIALS, unity
     In DISTINCTIONS, tolerance
     In ALL THINGS, compassion
The children of God must remove all traces of Babylon as there will be zero tolerance in the world of tommorrow. (Rv 17, 18, Zeph 1:4, IIPt 2:1-2, Dan 2:35)
Ex 11:7, 34:12-17 'Make no covenant', God does make a distinction.
I Pt 2:9 A Holy Priestly people called into light.
Jer 2: 11-13, 7:30-31, Ezek 20:24-26 It is considered evil and unclean. They are statutes not commanded by God and therefore not good.
Is 8:19-22 If it is not according to scripture (God's Word) the it is of darkness.
Prov 14:16, 22:3 Be wise and flee evil.
Rv 22:18-19 A strong warning against taking away or adding to the "Words of Prophecy."
Mt 15: 7-9, Is 29:13 "The commandments of men" are taught as if they are of God.
II Kngs 17:29-41 Many profess to fear God but hold on to their traditions (II Tim 3:5).
Rv 12:9 Satan has mislead and decieved the whole world. He is the father of lies (Jn 8:44).
Titus 1:9-16 Be of sound doctrine and do not deny God by your works.
Mk 7:3-13 Jesus was very critical of the Pharisees (and the same would apply to leaders of religion today) who voided the Word of God by their traditions.
The term “Insabbatti” referred mainly to the Waldenses of the 14th century who kept the Sabbath.