Sunday, August 10, 2014

Do Not Believe Every Spirit – Prove All things

Film: Sacrament (2013) by / par  Ti West
A ‘found footage’ horror thriller that takes many elements from the real life tragic events surrounding the   1978 Jonestown Massacre

Patrick hasn’t seen his sister Caroline for a long time. When he finds out that she had cleaned up her life and was now living in a self-sustained religious commune, he makes arrangements to go and see her.  He tells his friends and colleagues Sam and Jake. They run a documentary series called Vice TV and they see a possible story. When they first arrive at Eden Paradise, located in a remote region with only one way in or out, it seems that Utopia has been established on Earth. Caroline seems happier and healthier than she has been and the other residents speak of it in glowing terms. They look upon its leader, who is simply known as Father, as a true Servant of God, having found their way because of him. But it quickly becomes apparent that things are not what they seem. Father’s true intentions rise to the surface, revealing a sinister, chilling and terrifying agenda.
An unsettling, terrifying and frightening film as the events portrayed can and have happened: Jim Jones (1978) and many others (click here to see the top 10).    
This is an important film in many ways.  Its basic message is a warning to not trust any man and to not follow him blindly (I Tim 5:21, I Jn 4:1-8). Your faith must be built upon clear solid evidence. As with a judge in the judicial system, one must first examine all of the evidence and then make a decision based on the preponderance either for or against. 

Un thriller d'horreur au « enregistrement trouvé » qui prend beaucoup d'éléments des événements tragiques réelles autour du Massacre de 1978 à Jonestown.
Patrick n'a pas vu sa sœur Caroline pendant un longue période. Quand il découvre qu'elle avait assainie sa vie et vivait maintenant dans une commune religieuse individu-soutenue, il prend des arrangements pour aller la voir.  Il dit à ses amis et collègues Sam et Jake. Ils dirigent une série documentaire appelée Vice TV et ils voient une histoire possible. Quand ils arrivent  à Eden Paradise, situé dans une région à distance avec qu’une seule moyenne pour rentrer ou sortir, il semble que l'Utopie a été établie sur terre. Caroline semble d’être plus heureuse et plus saine qu'elle était auparavant et les autres résidants parlent de lui en termes rougeoyants. Ils considèrent leur chef, qui est simplement connu comme Père, comme un véritable serviteur de Dieu, ayant trouvé leur chemin en raison de lui. Mais il devient rapidement évident les choses ne sont pas ce qu'elles semblent d’être. Les intentions vraies de Père remontent au surface, indiquant un agenda sinistre, refroidissent et  terrifiant.

Un film inquiétant, terrifiant et effrayant comme les événements dépeints peuvent et se sont produit : Jim Jones (1978) et beaucoup d'autres (cliquer ici pour voir les 10 principaux).    
C'est un film important en plusieurs sens.  Son message de base est un avertissement de ne pas faire confiance à aucun homme et de ne pas le suivre aveuglément (I Tim 5:21, I Jn 4:1-8). Votre foi doit être établie des preuves clairement solides. Comme avec un juge dans le système juridique, il faut d'abord examiner tous les éléments de preuve et prennent ensuite une décision basée sur la prépondérance pour ou contre.
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

To Meditate, Muse or Complain

Meditat(e, tion):  1897, 190(0,1,2) -- 6/1/1/1 -- hagah, haguth, hagiyg, higgayown -- to murmur (in pleasure or anger); by implication to ponder. A/T/A: {1897 unless noted} imagine (Ps 2:1, 38:12), mourn, mutter-ed (Is 8:19, 59:3), roar, x sore, speak, study, talk, utter, musing (1) (Ps 39:3), (2):device (Lam 3:62), Higgaion (Ps 9:16), solemn sound (Ps 92:3 -- interlinear translated as 'melody). 

                              78(78,79, 81) -- 5/1/2 -- siyach, siyach, siychah -- to ponder or converse with oneself  aloud, to utter. A/T/A: babbling (9) (Pr 23:29), commune (8) (Ps 77:6), communication (9) (I Kng 9:11), complain (8) (Job 7:11, Ps 77:3), complaint (9) (9 vs) , declare (8), muse (8) (Ps 143:5), pray (8), prayer (9,1), speak(8, talk {with}(8,9).

Complain (ed, t, ts): 787(8, 9) see 'meditation'
                                    1058 -- bakah -- to weep / to bemoan. A/T/A: x at all, bewail, make lamentation, x more, mourn, x sore, x with tears, weep 
                                     596 -- 'anan -- to mourn 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Where Will the Righteous Be?

(Related article “Romanism vs. Scripture” specifically point 5.)

The promise of Heaven as a reward for the righteous is nowhere to be found in scripture even when the ‘World Tomorrow’ (New Heavens and New Earth) is mentioned and is often plural. Most of the Psalms, Isaiah and Ezekiel references are to Earth, Zion or Jerusalem. The Hebrew word for Heaven is ‘shamiym’ or ‘shameh’ or ‘shamiyn’ (strong’s concordance # 8064 and 8065) means lofty and refers to the atmosphere, the cosmos and beyond. It is also translated as ‘air’. In Greek it is ‘ouranos’ which implies the concept of elevation through happiness, power eternity, specifically the Gospel; also translated as ‘air’ or ‘sky.’

Gen 1:26-31 God’s original intent for man was the earth not heaven

Ps 37 (spec.  Verses 3, 9, 11, 22, 29, 39), Mt 5:5, Rm 4:13 – Those who are meek and those who wait upon the Lord shall inherit the Earth.

Rv. 5:10, 20:4 As Kings and Priests the righteous shall rule a thousand years over the earth.

Is 42:4 Justice and law will be established.

Dan 2:34-35, 44-45 A kingdom requires a ruler, land and people.

Zech. 14 The feet of Jesus Christ will stand upon the Mount of Olives. Those who are left will go up from year to year to keep the Feast of Tabernacles (vs. 16-19 and also Rv 19). Rv 14:1-5 John saw the “Lamb standing on Mt Zion with the firstfruits purchased from the earth.”

Mic.  4, Joel 2:32, Is 2:1-4 The ‘Mountain of the Lord’ will be established in Zion.

Jer. 3:14-18 God will bring Israel and Judah to Zion / Jerusalem and it shall be called “The Throne of the Lord.”

Prov 2:21-22, Jer 32:37-44, Zeph 2:9 “I will bring ‘my people’ back to their land.

Zech. 8 Description of day to day life in Jerusalem.

Is 65:17-25 The generations will be ongoing in the ‘New Heavens and New Earth.’

Deut. 28, Lv. 26 Blessings / Curses

Promises (covenant) made:

To Abraham         Gen 17:1-8
To Isaac                Gen 26:1-5
To Jacob (Israel) Gen 28:1-4
To David               II Sam 7:13-16
To Mary                Lk 1:32-35

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob dwelt in the land of promise (Heb 11:9-10)

Ezek 36 Israel gathered from among the nations and brought back into their own land; filled with the Holy Spirit.

Amos 9:13-15 The desolated cities will be rebuilt. The land will be fertile and never again will the Israelites be forced to leave the land that God has given them.

Ps 97, 98 God reigns and judges over the Earth and its inhabitants in righteousness and equity.

Is 61 lists the responsibilities of the firstfruits.

Hab 2:14 The Earth will be filled with the knowledge (Yada) of the Lord (see also Is 11:9 dea or de’ah from yada).

Is 11: The 2nd Exodus and the World Tomorrow; Is 35: The healing of humanity and the Earth.

Obad 17 – 21 Mount Zion shall be delivered

Mal 4:1-3 The wicked shall be as ashes under the soles of the feet of the saints.

New Heavens and New Earth: Is 65:17 – 66:24; II Pt 3:13

New Jerusalem: Rv 3:12, 21:2

Ps 132:11 The Lord has chosen Zion as his dwelling place and David’s sons will sit on their father’s throne forevermore.

Job 19:25-27 The Redeemer will stand upon the Earth in the latter days. Though the body will be destroyed, my flesh shall see God.

Jesus is returning with his reward and to re-establish his Kingdom. Jn 14:1-3, Mt 16:27-28, Rv 22:7,12, Dan 2:35, 7:14,26,27 – *

Lk19:11-27 Rewarding of the cities – *Acts 1:9-11 Christ is returning in like manner as He ascended into Heaven (no mention of a 3rd phase) – *.

I Kngs 8:27 The Heavens and Heaven of Heavens cannot contain God

[*notice: there is no mention of returning to where He had received the Kingdom].


Sunday, July 15, 2012

To SLEEP one must LIE down and REST

Asleep:                                         7290 (2) see Sleep
                                                      3463(2) (see sleep)
Sleep(er, est, eth, ing) {a,b,c,d}: 8639  'Tardemah' from 7290 A lethargy or (by impl. a trance) T/A:  deep sleep
                                                      7290 'radam' to stun (stupefy) with sleep or death T/A: be fast asleep (Jg 4:21, Jonah 1:5); be in a deep sleep (Dan 8:18, 10:9); cast into a dead sleep (Ps 76:6);
                                                      7901 (see Lie)
                                                      8139/42 'shenah / shena(h)' from 3462
                                                      3462/3 'yashen' to be slack or languid (implies sleep, grow old, stale or inveterate, to die. T/A old (store), remain long, (make to) sleep, asleep
                                                      1957 (Is 56:10) 'hazah To dream, sleep or rave

Slept:                                                   3462/3 (see sleep)
                                                             7901 (see Lie)
                                                             5123 (Ps 76:5)
Slumber(ings):                                    5123 / 4  'nuwm / numah to slumber / sleepinessT/A slept (Ps 76:5), slumber (5),  drowsiness (Prov 23:21)
                                                              8572 (5) 'tenuwmah'
Lie(st, eth):                                          7901 'shakah' to lie down (whatever the purpose) A/T/A: X at all, cast down, (over)lay (self down), (make to) lie (down) (to sleep,still, with), lodge (Jos 2:1), ravish, take rest (Job 11:18, 30:17), Sleep, Stay (Job 38:37)
Rest(ed, eth,ing,s):                             4494/6)'manowach /menuwchah'                                        
                                                             7673/7 'shabath / shabbaththown'
                                                             5117 'nuwach'
                                                             7901 (see Lie)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Points to Consider

(Related article “Romanism vs Scripture” specifically point 7)
A.      Rev 20:11-15 (esp. Vs. 12) The ‘Book of Life’ is opened = Last Call.
B.      To be saved is easier than to be lost. John 3:16, Acts8:36-39
C.      Heb 6:4-6 describes what is considered the unpardonable sin – only if you have been enlightened and if you have turned your back on it. This has happened to very few in this age.
D.      Since Adam and Eve partook of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Humanity has been in a constant state of violence, corruption, arrogance etc. Realise as well the plight and suffering of innocent children. Observe the state of humanity vis-a-vis its relationship to God since Adam and Eve.
E.       Rm 8:7-8 The fleshly mind is hostile to God and will not submit to His Law.
F.       Jer. 17:9, I Cor. 2:14. The heart and nature of man is deceitful and the ways of God are as folly to him.
G.     Lk. 23:34 “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”
H.      Rv. 12:9 Satan has deceived the whole world. See previous posting “Atonement”:
I.        Gen 6:18 only Noah, his wife, his sons and their wives (8 in all) entered into the ark
Gen 19:30 only Lot and his 2 daughters were saved from Sodom and Gomorrah
Acts 1:15 only 120 assisted at the first Pentecost after Christ had been crucified
J.        Is 30:19-22, 65:17-25, 66:22-24, Mic. 4:1-4 Implies that there will still be mortal humans in the ‘New Heavens and the New Earth’ and that they will require divine teaching, guidance, correction and protection.
K.      Mt 5:13-16, 24:21-22 Why ‘preserve’ if you ‘intend’ to destroy.
L.       “It shall be more tolerable for ...” from the Greek ‘anektoteros’ – more endurable  Mt 10:15, 11:22, 24, Mk 6:11, Lu 10:12, 14
M.    Order of resurrection (Greek = ‘anastasis’ a standing up again namely after being dead)
I Cor 15:21-26, Rv 20:1-6, 11-15 Christ --- First Fruits (those who belong to Christ) --- The rest of the dead --- The condemned who will subsequently be thrown into the Lake of Fire, suffer the 2nd death and (Mal 4:1-3) be ashes under the soles of our feet.
N.     It is not prophesied that humanity will accept Jesus Christ at his 2nd coming (see Zech 14, Rv 19, 6:15-17, II Tim 3:1-9, Mt 24:24 etc.
O.     Compare these with II Pt 3:9, Is 11, 26:16-27, Zech 8:20-23, Mic 4:1-5, I Tim 2:1-6, 4:10 (Interlinear reads as “Preserver of all Men”

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is it a Whale or a Fish?

Whale('s, s)
 8577 Gen 1:21, Job 7:12'tanniyn' or 'tanniym' ATA: dragon (21), Sea-monster (Lam 4:3), serpents (Ex 7:12); 8565 Ezek 32:2 'tan' ATA: dragon (Mal 1:3); gr 2785 Mt 12:40. 'ketos' a huge fish (as in gaping for prey)
Fish('s, es)
1709 /10 'dag' 'da'g' 'dagah' prolific, timid and squirming tail; 5315 (Is 19:10 'nephesh' a breathing creature; gr 2485 (2) 'ichthudion' a petty fish Mt 15:34 with 'little' & Mrk 8:7 with 'small; 2486 (19) 'ichthus' a fish; gr 3795 (5) 'opsarion' a relish to other food specifically salted and dried fish as a condiment.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Called Chosen and Elect of God

Called      :  2822 'kletos' invited
Elect('s)   :  1588
Election   :  1589
Chose(n)  :  1586 'eklegomi' to select
                    1588 'ekectos' select and by implication 'favourite'
                    1589 'ekloge' (divine) selection
Firstfruit(s): 536 'aparche' A beginning of sacrifice - Implies that others will follow
The elect are also called 'bride and wife' of Christ (implies children); 'Kings and Priests' Rv 5:6, 20:7 -What does a King / Priest do and with whom?